3 Children Killed Mother’s Day Weekend Identified by Police

The three children, believed to have been killed by their mother in Southern California over Mother’s Day Weekend, have been …

35 thoughts on “3 Children Killed Mother’s Day Weekend Identified by Police

  1. Oh God. This reminds me of shutter Island where the mother went crazy and drowned her children. The husband then went crazy not being able to cope with him losing his kids and his wife. You'd have to be literally crazy or mentally ill to be able to do this to your children. No normal mother would ever be able to so something so evil like this.

  2. Driving down the street on Mother’s Day and saw all the yellow tape, did not think much of it but I guess I passed by when it was late in the investigation. When I heard the news I was shocked beyond repair. That area is a “good” neighborhood, it just comes to show you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Those poor babies. I hope that monster pays the ultimate price and that her actions get her the fullest extent of the law. God bless those angels ❤️

  3. It's things like this that make me wonder where is God when parents kill there kids if the devil can make people do bad things God should make them change there mind

  4. 1:01
    You DON'T tell your 10 year old child that their classmate is dead, idiot!! Spare them the stressing news 📰 and wait until they're MUCH OLDER (If at ALL) to tell them the truth. What the fu¢k is WRONG with the world 🗺 today?? 😠

  5. I’d rather hurt my self than hurt my children
    Poor babies they must have been terrified 💔😞
    Rest in love in the arms of Joshua 💖💙💙

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