DOCUMENTARY | How Vietnamese Children are Trafficked across Europe | 101 East

Lured by the promise of a better life, Vietnamese families are sending their children to Europe.

Criminal gangs load them into trucks where they spend months on the road and in hiding, until they finally reach cities like Berlin in Germany.

Living in constant fear of the traffickers, children are forced to work off their debts which can be as high as tens of thousands of dollars.

The trade has been going on for years and authorities are being criticised for not living up to their commitments to stop it.

101 East uncovers the vast network trafficking Vietnamese children into modern-day slavery.

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39 thoughts on “DOCUMENTARY | How Vietnamese Children are Trafficked across Europe | 101 East

  1. you may feel free ask the vietnamese communist and I pretty sure their answer is. we don’t know because we are very busy to corrupt. a corrupt communist government from top to the bottom. ridiculous. you may delete my comment then investigate yourself

  2. Berlin's Criminal Investigation Office representative, Sebastian Louden, comes off as suspiciously UNINTERESTED with his lots of foolish dialogue! These documented forms of "exchange", for which he calls "smuggling" does NOT have an end; therefore, it IS all trafficking of human beings. Hello: "threats, force, coercion, DECEPTION, intimidation" against a person's personal space, well-being, & safety is not a quiz. Someone really needs to retrain & instruct Sebastian on the conclusive differences of definitions that are related to this real-time real life term…or are his own pockets getting fat with being the inside-mole??? How can he postulate that it is "unwise for countries to share strategies"?!? Why not? Make it make sense! Doing so can create a connected advocating network of justice to identify any internal & external culprits.

  3. In the US, parents repeat "if a stranger approaches you, scream and run away." That's what Vietnamese teenagers have to learn. Bad guys approaches you kindly, so they can take advantage of you. Don't be naïve!

  4. Those are poor and hunger from communist governments
    Luckily they have been sending to Europe
    Many of them have been sending to China for body parts

  5. How you ask? With European money and with the help of corrupt European Officials.

    Nobody buys the "We're European and we shall do no wrong" any more.

  6. I blame the parents of these children . She said I am sorry which mean that her mother knew . It seem their parent wanted their child to go abroad for financial gain regardless of the danger . All for money 💰. The grass it not greener on the other side !

  7. man i got 50 kg nd i´m 30 , that dude is like my mom seeing everyday she has 100 kg , a very ugly person , who rolls with usa on the arab hot soup thing. why would usa be in this.

  8. So sad and horrible crime against kids every one involved in this horrible incident must be punished. Thanks Al Jazeera English for this eyeopening documentary

  9. What Actually happens is most of these childrens own parents or family give them up to be trafficked to Europe and western countries, in the hope the children can make some thing out of themselves and provide money for the family back home.
    Alot these childrens families do this out of desperation in hope of a more prosperous life.
    What they don't seem to understand , is that these actions the parent's are taking by sending there children to western countries, is that it has serious psychological effects on the child. The child will grow up to think that his family practically sold him for hope of financial gain.

    Also the reason they tend to send children, is because children sent to western countries are less likely to be deported back if caught. But if it was a adult trying to get in the west they will most likely get deported back if caught.

  10. Trafficking of Vietnamese children is not taken seriously by Europeans and needs to be stopped. Vietnamese Government should do more. Utterly disgraceful.

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