Man Denies His 6 Children! | Maury Show

Mary and Robert have had a tumultuous relationship. Their three youngest children were given up for adoption and the older three children were under the sporadic care of Robert. He has vehemently denied their six children throughout their lives, blaming Mary’s infidelity, and they’re all here today to find out who is telling the truth.
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34 thoughts on “Man Denies His 6 Children! | Maury Show

  1. Adoption is a great thing. They are so chill and you see their dad who raised them how hurt those kids are. He didn't listen he just wanted to be right.

  2. I came from dysfunctional family
    In and out foster care home to home
    I wish I could of got adopted maybe my life could turn out better because now I am dealing with depression
    So I understand what these kid's feeling
    No parents praying for these 6 grown kid's that what happened to them in they child hood don't affect them now

  3. I feel the pain in their kids . I walk out some of my kids live. At the time I didn’t know there mother’s was pregnant at the time. Now am try to fix my mistake I made in life.

  4. It doesn’t matter anymore who is at fault that is all in the past. I pray this family heals, leaves the past behind, and create great memories together in the future.

  5. I'm his sister an this is not rite my mom raised Bonnie Tayarra an Tracy when he got shot an stabb in NYC an she kept them put them in school until Robert showed back up begging for his girls back so I'm ashamed that he would denied his kids an I really wish my mom was here this shit would have never been on TV Bonnie Tayrra Tracy keep yall head up God has you Rob an Joshua prayers going out to you a savanna i pray that ur biological father will see you 🙏 ❤️ to all you kids Remember God will keep you an let know weapon before him or his children prosper try to ignore negative comments not everyone comment has lived a perfect life no one for only Jesus was perfect not man I love you guys an prayers going out to you all I know the truth an pray you all love an live your best life forgive move on an God knows your hart

  6. Out of the 100s of episodes of Maury I've watched over the years this one breaks my heart the most 💔
    The 6 of you… hold your heads high, walk away from those 2 toxic people. The siblings are amazing and need each other… May God give you all a beautiful and fulfilling life…you deserve it 💜

  7. Omg my heart breaks for these children. But the adopted ones are truly the winners. She is a horrible mother. He’s not much of a father but as a mother she could hv done much better. You can tell she has mental problems and needs help. I would expect a mother to maybe stop having kids after she couldn’t take care of the first 2 or 3. What they hell. She thinks the louder she screams the more ppl believe her. Not me. At this point kids go your own way and lots of luck to you all. The mom and dad are both losers and she needs mental help.

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