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We also offer a vast variety of instrumentals, sound engineering (mixing & mastering), album cover art and more! P. Lion — Happy Children :: Lyrics ::This song is by P. Lion and appears on the album Springtime (1984).P. Lion (Pietro Paolo Pelandi) is an Italian singer and musician who achieved his greatest success in the 1980s..He took the name of “P. Lion” because of the three “P”s in his name and because the symbol of his family is a lion (his father was count of Alzano Lombardo). He started to play the piano and write his own music at a young age. Little is known about his private life, just that he divorced in 1990 after four years of marriage. He lives now with his son Edoardo…..
Always the war
In nineteen eighty three
This is the world of today
In our mind
There is only the money
And there is nothing for you

Then hours work
No flowers in the mind
The life runs without happiness
Everyday dreams
To go to a better life
But they remain only dreams

You are the children
Your life will be very hard
You are the children
You’re singing every day

To have a friend
To explain your little problem
Can you say now to have it
Sometimes you hope
It’s only an illusion
Don’t hope, it’s better so

But children power
Will win, I am sure
This is sweet lovers for us
Your fantasy
Will find new nice colours
But now it’s time to go…

21 thoughts on “P. Lion — Happy Children Video HQ

  1. I am not happy : there is nothing to be happy for in a nation where 8 million people nearly starve to death while 1 million live owning more the one hundred houses each 😭

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