Ups & Downs From Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 1.2 – Children of the Comet

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48 thoughts on “Ups & Downs From Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 1.2 – Children of the Comet

  1. I won't be surprised to have Nichelle Nichols in the role of Uhura Grand Mothers's For Me, Nichelle Nicholls represents the dignified Uhura, While Zoe Saldana is the Sexy Latina Uhura but Cecilia Rose Gooding is the sweet optimistic Uhura but deep down you also got the strong black woman who take no crap from everyone vibe coming from her.

  2. No, you see, they weren't interfering with the natural development of a world, they were changing the natural trajectory of a comet. The planet just happened to be there, looming ominously in the background. I think that's a fair loophole to negate your down. Unless, of course, you're a soulless minion of orthodoxy (aka Starfleet Admiralty)

    And c'mon, throwing in a down based on shield percentages? That has never been consistent in the history of the franchise, shields have always gone down at the speed of plot

  3. No on the Prime Directive down. That's some TNG Cpt. Picard level BS. The PD is a rule against interfering in the cultural development of species it was never meant as a rule to force anyone to stand by and watch while an entire planet gets wiped out by a preventable disaster. And good on SNW writers for not falling into that same mistake.

  4. It is fast feeling like you feel you need to undo the perfect score from last week. Phil Farrand is probably watching this video saying "DAMN! This guy sure does nitpick!"

  5. Not sure the Thumb Down for trying to t=stop the comet is right.

    There were MULTIPLE episodes of TOS where the Enterprise was SENT to stop astrological stuff that was going to wipe out pre-warp civilizations.

  6. One needs only look at Majel Barret's own opinion on nurse chapel – she thougtht the character sucked, that she was pretty much there to pine over spock and look pretty while doing it.

  7. I don't like the down with the Prime Directive and I hate your view on that. Letting a whole species die just because they're pre-warp??? That's not ethical or moral! That's like we wouldn't help some indigenous peoples on Earth just because they don't have the technology that we have!
    I love that they wanted to save the planet. It's a deconstruction of older Trek like TNG or Voyager where they would let an entire species die just because they're pre-warp. That's not what the Prime Directive should be about. It should be about not letting the pre-warp society see the tech involved when they save them.
    Also, what you call natural evolution is more like Riker's argument about fate in Pen Pals than evolution. Also, the natural evolution argument in Dear Doctor is so wrong, especially with the reference to the Neanderthals made there as a comparison.
    Also also, Sean, your reliance on the rulebook??? A great Starfleet captain once said: "There are times, sir, when men of good conscience cannot blindly follow orders."

  8. The sudden addition of all that moisture to a planet would cause mass extinction as the climate would take a long time to adjust. I may bring life in the long term, but it might wipe out the natives first.

  9. I thought an Easter egg you missed was when Pike turned away from the Shepherds and was leaning on the helm speaking with Number 1 and Ortegos it reminded me of Kirk in Wrath of Kahn with his back turned to Khan speaking to Saavik & Sulu.

  10. You call the intro captain/crew meal a nice calm setting for the crew. For everyone except Uhura maybe. She was already an obvious nervous newbie and her crewmate pulled a practical joke on her. I thought it was mean. Instead of trying to make her more comfortable and confident, the crewmate decided to haze her like some frat boy. Completely immature.

  11. How many other people caught the little info drop of Uhura saying that her grandmother was a member of Starfleet, which is why she joined…. 🤔I wonder if there are any older actresses around who could play her grandmother?

  12. The shield is supposed to be segmented (i.e fore, aft, etc) so the evasive manoeuvres exposed different segments of the shields and thus the torpedo damage was more spread into several segments instead of all on one segment. Also some of the 9 hits could be impacts against meteor debris not torpedos.

  13. My big down was that Uhura didn't play a role in the solution to the comment. She should have partially decoded the message from the comment and said "I think the comment is telling us to burn off a bit of ice so it moves out of the way". They still could have had the bit at the end where the comment perfectly predicted the shape of the ice block that fell off. Other then that I really enjoyed it. Definitely one of the best Star Trek episodes of the last ten years.

  14. I love the fact that in this series that they give Pike something to deal with in his heart. He is still the same character that we fell in love with during Disco season 2, but haunted by those experiences and his foreknowledge of his fate. It has shades of Babylon 5 too. The themes of fate, determinism, and inevitability. I have HIGH hopes for this show!

  15. last week, the mentioned they were making changes to general order 1. it's entirely possible letting civilizations go exitinct naturally was one of of the changes. afterall, this was a change they could do without revealing themselves or interfering with how the devlope.

  16. I wish the episode was from Uhura's POV like "Data's Day" in TNG. IMO the writing doesn't have a natural flow for the characters and story, which had me facepalming a bit this episode. Uhura killed the mood of the dinner. Uhura should have had a Lt. Bailey revelation in this episode and be done with her decision about Starfleet. Still a bit confused about the chain of command on the ship. Doesn't Uhura have a superior officer in charge of her department? Why did she need to go down to the comet off the bat? Who was in charge of the Away Team? Where was M'Benga and why was Chapel doing the medical stuff?

  17. Hmmm, comet threatens planet, music used to gain access to secret to help planet… Where have I seen this before… 2 episodes in and we are repeating story threads?

  18. The Prime Directive's purpose is to not interfere with the development of the inhabitants. If they had let the comet hit, there would have been no inhabitants. This was a no-brainer and not a violation.

  19. But there's a difference between interfering with the evolution of a planet (some will die) and the destruction of a planet (everything dies). I don't think the former equals the latter even in the PD.

  20. Just my two cents, but when Kirk gets demoted in Star Trek – Into Darkness, I was under the impression that it was because he broke the prime directive by exposing the ship to the primitive people of Nibiru (which he did in order to save Spock) and for falsifying the mission report, but not for saving the people from the volcano. Otherwise, I think there would have been a lot more clamor from the crew from the very start about breaking the prime directive, and there wasn't.

  21. When Spock tries to convince Ohera to stay reminds me of when Nichelle Nichols was going to leave Star Trek then Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. pleated with her to stay. I love you all! Keep it up!!

  22. Giant damn "Objection!" to the assertion that Pike was breaking the Prime Directive by saving the planet from destruction. The PD was established in the original series as "Don't set up Nazi Germany" or "Don't leave a book about Chicago gangsters on the planet". In other words, don't introduce completely alien influences that pervert the natural development of a pre-warp society. The stupidity of "The Prime Directive states that we must allow an entire planet to be destroyed" only started with Next Generation, and it never made sense. How exactly are you preventing a change to the natural development of a civilization when your inaction will cause everyone on that world to be destroyed? You may as well have them arguing (Like the Shepherds in this episode) that God wills it and so His will be not be questioned. The TNG episode in question just wanted to set up a moral conundrum for the crew while never really thinking through the absurdity of it. And then Trek compounded that misstep by sticking to that weird, fatalist version of the Prime Directive up through Enterprise.

    (To be fair, it was never quite as bad as that initial "Welp, I guess we need to just let this whole planet be destroyed by earthquakes" scenario, but not by much.)

    And as others have pointed out, TOS had Kirk and company trying to save Native American Planet from an asteroid. So, what Pike did here is way more canonical to the time period than arguing from the God Wills It interpretation of TNG.

  23. 4, 9 or 12 hits… and bridge is sparkling and clean? Where are exploding panels and rocks? 🙂 … They don't build ships like that anymore… Quantity above quality for the future….

  24. Diverting the comet is not a violation of the Prime Directive, especially in this era. "The Paradise Syndrome" was almost the exact same plot, as was "For the World is Hollow and I have Touched the Sky." It's widely believed that Phlox (and by extension, Archer) got it wrong and their actions (or rather inaction) was morally reprehensible. Picard was another who was willing to stand by and watch a civilization be needlessly destroyed. That was never the intension of the Prime Directive in the original series. Primarily, the Prime Directive was intended to avoid cultural and political contamination of a more primitive culture (unless the planet has something that Federation wanted, such as dilithium or is of strategic importance, then Prime Directive goes straight out the window–but I digress). It was not intended to excuse genocide, which is what the Federation is committing when they have the power to prevent a natural disaster–and do nothing–out of some misreading of the Prime Directive. The TNG/ENT (Berman/Braga) version of the Prime Directive is a gross misinterpretation, bordering on wild-eyed zealotry. Maybe not bordering. It's immoral.

    While I generally liked the overall plot, I did not like the space battle sequence–AT ALL. I thought it looked ridiculous. Sean, you mentioned the Enterprise being like an aircraft character (and you're exactly right), which is WHY it looked ridiculous. The Enterprise was moving and flipping like an Atari video game. The ship had no sense of weight or mass. I thought it looked silly and childish. Compare that to some of the amazing battle sequences of "Deep Space Nine." The sense of weight those ships had in the bombardment.

  25. Looks like no more red shirt deaths, as if Spock can save Kirk that technically died with a defibrillator and a portable medical scanner, but Dr McCoy and other Star Trek doctors just give up and says they are dead without even trying to save them!

  26. If I'm a Cadet, sure I'm going to bust the chops of a commanding officer regarding his love life after knowing him a few weeks. Spock is a punching bag in this series so far.

  27. I like the episode a lot. It reminded me a lot of the last two episodes of Star Trek discovery. With deciphering the code in the music notes like they did in discovery. Did anybody else get that feeling this episode or is it just me or am I messing up with Doctor Strange movie. Ha ha

  28. The only reason you gave this episode downs is so people like me would leave comments saying your so wrong, so…YOU CAN MAKE MORE MONEY! Your downs were pathetic.

  29. Ok the down for the prime directive being broken isn't valid. Your interpretation is very next generation. In Kirk's time it was less strictly enforced. At times it was even broken. Just look at episodes like the apple, paradise syndrome and a private little war. Even Janeway says they were a bit slower to invoke the prime directive. Also I'm not a fan of a strict interpretation of the prime directive. I like how this show plays it a bit lower like in this situation.

  30. This video shows just how good this episode was because you really had to work to come up with those downs Sean I mean lets be honest they were nitpicks at most

  31. It seemed like some of Uhura's looks at Spock/comment about Chapel were a call over to the Kelvin Universe, where Spock and Uhura are together, almost like she is jealous.

  32. Imho Pike's handling the comet isn't for down, it is for UP. It is pretty much a part of his character. In the novels (not a cannon though) and in few episodes of TNG (if I remember correctly), Archer, Pike and Kirk are often mentioned as heroic captains that do not always go by the book. Plus in the first episode of SNW it was said that General Order 1 was modified into Prime Directive after Pike's handling of Kiley 279 events. Orders cannot be disobeyed – Pike's handling of comet would be breaking rules and he would be court marshalled. Directives must be followed but a captain has leeway for interpretation and taking actions – Pike didn't go against the directive but he did definitely streched it to the almost breaking point.

  33. Another Easter Egg I saw was that the decor and the helmets of the new space suits were very reminiscent of those of the original series, only made on a much larger budget. The colored panel on the front, the solid sides of the helmet…

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